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Adopt Pricing
this is for adopts im going to post and have weird prices 
Icons (for you or u and a friend)
The Two Icons by All-Seeing-Cyclops
one icon is 250 
so if u want two for u and a buddy thats 500 
Pencil drawing
Rozentine by All-Seeing-Cyclops
I had the inspiration by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Obnoxiously pretty man by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Its gonna be a sorta get what you get and dont throw a fit thing with this one cause they are cheap as heck fire okie lol I will draw anything ANYTHING but u'll have to settle with it being chibi or bust or full body depends on how im feeling and im sorry, but if u like it for a few extra bucks i can outline it then for a few more colour it on my program or with markers! what ever you want as long as im making money!
I am currently living in a hotel, its winter so my family isnt making much money, we've been homeless all summer and have been burning away our money in this hotel, i could loose my dog, i may have to move out of state away from family and friends. 
im trying to get a job but the process of getting identification was more difficult than we had hoped and took nearly 4 months but im about to get and ss card finally and can try to get a job but its the middle of november jobs could be gone.
If u can help that'd be great!
Outlined drawing
Every kiss begins with k (why) by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Mona by All-Seeing-Cyclops
FREE RAFFLE by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Okay getting good, from here on out all prices are negotiable and again its the whole u may get a bust a chibi or a full body idk depends but if u shell out some more money nicely and kindly ^v^ ill improve the drawing by colouring it and or vectoring it! Remember i will draw anything nsfw fetish stuff furries anything to get u what u like WOOP
Water Coloured drawing
Meaningless without you. by All-Seeing-Cyclops
This one will be a tough one for me so yeah gonna be limited and will remain a half body to bust thing cause i am shitty at it and hate doing it so yeh 
Coloured Outline drawing
Dominique Dominic by All-Seeing-Cyclops
With my homeboy gaara by All-Seeing-Cyclops
She isn't Stupid by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Still a whole u may get a bust or a full body not sure, depends but with extra money i can vector this as well 
If i agree to making you one of these and a marker dies halfway threw you get a vectored image of it free of extra charge soo woop doop
also i have like zero skin colours so most likely if i get a character of dark skin that i cant colour in i will feel so upset that i will vector it instead so theres something to guilt me with u sillies 
A Scribble MS paint drawing
There needs to be more blood by All-Seeing-Cyclops
This time I might just disa- by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Fuck it's you I hate the most by All-Seeing-Cyclops
This thing kinda is limited to an upper body thing 

yeh lol 
Custom monster/furry oc thing (like an adopt)
Her by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Adopt Punk Elephant CLOSED by All-Seeing-Cyclops
FREE RAFFLE by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Adopt #6 Cyclops Male CLOSED by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Adopt #5 Beat up Demon CLOSED by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Adopt #10 Bull Dog CLOSED by All-Seeing-Cyclops
So if u send me something u have in mind OR want me to randomly make u something from my tiny mind i WILL for 1000 points! lots of love will be put into it and it will most likely be vectored due to the whole markers... thing 

OBTW if my markers all die vectors go down in price to this cause htats the only way i could get u guys coloured pics of anything at all lol
Vector BUST
Trevor by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Woah by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Uhh. by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Uhhh by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Palette 6 Arwel by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Glasses version by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Onto some good stuffs! VECTORS I put lots of effort into these and im really.. certain i should charge more for this but right now gotta sell my sell like a ugly hooker wow offensive to me and hookers im sorry but its true really need money really do 
i cant lose my bby dog 
i cant move to Tennessee
im not christian
i wont last in the bible belt
im soft

SO come on down will draw anythiiiiing at ALL and prices are negotiable! always cept 0 dollars

cant pay me nothing
that cant happen 

and its obvious if u negotiate down... or up in certain case that will probs never happen XD.. u will have to send me a note starting the whole transaction so we can begin to BARTER yes then u can send me the points 

Oh right um u gotta pay me before u get the picture

u get half ur money bk if u hate me too VOV
Vector Full Body
Naruto700 Outfit by All-Seeing-Cyclops
I Dress Poorly lol by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Space Suit by All-Seeing-Cyclops
Aimi Inoue Reporting for Leg Day! by All-Seeing-Cyclops
This type of picture has a two person in the picture limit 

im not good at multiple people vectoring 

and thank you for considering ME in the making of ur images 


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Trevor Harper
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Below is my blog for tumblr go ask me questions please >wO

My real name is Hunter Brooke Melges, and I joined this website along time ago, and faked my age so I could look at not so good things haha. But my current age is 18.

I draw on paper and scan it in, or I work on and old program and post that. You havent seen it but I also paint, even thought I'm not the best.

I'm not good at most art, and when people compliment me on it I just feel so happy and undeserving, and if I seem distance or don't reply to your comments or favourites its because I'm highly awkward with that sort of thing.
Why its odd that I run a crappy lil ask blog that i have a hard time updating.

A great Artist and personal friend is :iconlil-miss-galaxy: she's really good and deserves your views as well.

look matching ICONS :iconall-seeing-cyclops::iconlil-miss-galaxy:

I thank you very much for your favourites, comments, and love!

 Lololol by All-Seeing-Cyclops

See pft
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